Semi Permanent & Permanent Makeup

Treatments - Discover Semi-Permanent Makeup in Swindon
  • Semi-Permanent & Permanent Make Up
  • 100% Risk Free & it provides Instant Results
  • Long Lasting Results
  • 100s of Happy Customers across the UK
  • Professionally trained and accredited technicians

Are you fed up of constantly applying Makeup? Are you Fed up of constantly having to style your Eyes and Lips? Semi Permanent Makeup with Instant Results is for you!

Treatments - Discover Semi-Permanent Makeup in Swindon

About Semi Permanent Makeup


Eyebrows that are thin from tweezering, fair in colour or just don’t have a great shape but help shape your face are all great reasons to have permanent eyebrows. Clients with illness that has resulted in hair loss benefit from this procedure. To make life a little more efficient or for clients that work in the industries that require them to be wearing makeup or even in a sporting or hot environment where you always dread your brows melting down your face, there is no need to pencil or colour in your brow with permanent make up

Eye Liners

For the top and bottom eyeliner, we can create a fine line or a more tapered effect to give shape and definition to the eye. We can apply small dots between the lashes to create a denser look to the eyelashes themselves making them appear thicker. We all lead hectic lives but want to look and feel our best for some people the time to apply makeup is a luxury. Applying makeup can also be challenge. Traditional makeup is not always as efficient and long wearing.


Not everyone has full or perfectly shaped lips, we have many clients that have “thin lips” often we lose the pigment in our lips and they fade in colour. The use of micro-pigmentation on the lips can create the impression of a fuller lip by taking the outer line slightly outside of the normal borders of your natural lips then blending in the colour to give a better shape and definition. The lip liner can also prevent your lipstick from bleeding. The colour can be tailored to suit your skin tones and rejuvenate the look of a natural full lip and you can still alter the lip colour by applying lipstick over the top for the occasional times that you wish to change for fashion purposes.


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