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Lips - Discover Semi-Permanent Makeup in Swindon
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Are you fed up of constantly applying Makeup? Are you Fed up of constantly having to style your Lips? Semi Permanent Makeup with Instant Results is for you!

Lips - Discover Semi-Permanent Makeup in Swindon

About Semi Permanent Makeup


Not everyone has full or perfectly shaped lips, we have many clients that have “thin lips” often we lose the pigment in our lips and they fade in colour.

The use of micro-pigmentation on the lips can create the impression of a fuller lip by taking the outer line slightly outside of the normal borders of your natural lips then blending in the colour to give a better shape and definition. The lip liner can also prevent your lipstick from bleeding.

The colour can be tailored to suit your skin tones and rejuvenate the look of a narural full lip and you can still alter the lip colour by applying lipstick over the top for the occasional times that you wish to change for fashion purposes.

Permanent makeup allows you to have a degree of colour and shape all of the time no matter whether its first thing in the morning or during exercise and saves time as no daily re-application required.

Micropigmentation for Permanent Lip Make-Up

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt that make-up is an important aspect of your day-today life. Having defined lips is a big deal to many, and with the rise of micropigmentation for permanent lip make-up, you can remove the hassle of applying lip liner or lipstick on a daily basis.  

If you’re ready to look your best at all times, it may be time for a change from your traditional daily makeup routine. Although natural is always recommended, there are a variety of colours available for discussion. Lip liner alone can sometimes look a bit much and often comes across as artificial. However, if your chosen colour complements your skin tone or you really like the look of a definitive line around the lips, then permanent lip liner may be a good choice for you. If your choice of colour contrasts well with your skin tone, a full lip colour procedure is may be a better choice for you. It’s important to note that if you have small lips, they will only look smaller with a defining lip liner. Therefore, you may want to consider a full lip procedure or alternatively, lip injections.

What is Permanent Micropigmentation Lip Make-Up?

This micropigmentation procedure is when coloured ink is mechanically placed below the surface of the skin – essentially like a tattoo but with slightly different tools being used.  Immediately after the permanent lip tattooing process, the colour will appear very vibrant. However, it’s important to not be alarmed as within a few days, the outer layer of the tattoo will die down. 

The lips are somewhat tender and often remain that way to the touch for several weeks but you can go about your day-to-day routine as normal directly after the micropigmentation procedure. It is recommended that you wait a minimum of six to eight weeks before attending a follow up procedure as within this time period, the lips may appear different and won’t have fully settled. It’s important to discuss your lip style choice and colour with your chosen cosmetic technician in your initial consultation. If your lips – or facial make-up in general – is an important part of your appearance and provides you with a feeling of self-confidence, it may be time to consider micropigmentation for permanent lip make-up.

Why Should You Consider Permanent Lip Make-Up?

If you’re a fan of make-up and like to look your best at all times, you’ll already know that lipstick and lip liner can be applied in many styles and colours, creating different looks of varying effects. This ranges from soft, natural-looking lip enhancement to a defined and sharp line that stands out.

With any type of tattoo or micropigmentation procedure, techniques will vary from technician to technician. When you first go for your consultation, your permanent cosmetic consultant may ask you to wear your lipstick and/or lip liner the way you like it in order to establish the final look that they will successfully achieve. Alternatively, you may be asked to bring a picture as a representation of your preferred eyeliner design. However, it is more appropriate to let your cosmetic lip technician see your desired look on your face so that they can get it as close to the way you want it as possible.

How Does the Application of Permanent Lip Make-Up Work?

The result you can expect is directly linked to the skill of your individual practitioner in addition to the quality of the permanent tattoo pigments that are applied to your lips. In your consultation and any follow up appointments, it’s so important to talk openly and honestly with your practitioner about your specific lip make-up requirements in order to gain a realistic understanding of what to expect – as well as a realistic and achievable result. It’s also important to establish that the products and tools used are certified, clean, and to a high standard to avoid any problems or infections. The cosmetic lip application process varies as there are numerous devices that can be used for a permanent make-up look. All, when used in accordance with the proper guidelines, are controlled and safe. You may ask to see the attendance certificate indicating your technician is qualified with the correct training.

In terms of the process, some technicians will use a pre-procedure anaesthetic, while others don’t. If a pre-procedure anaesthetic is used and the technician is not a physician or working under the direction of a physician, it will be an over-the-counter level anaesthetic which has proved to be quite effective. However, it’s important to keep in mind that all of this will be discussed in your consultation beforehand and you’ll know what to expect upon arrival when it comes to permanent micropigmentation lip make-up.

What to Expect During the Lip Micropigmentation Process

When you arrive to have your permanent lip make-up applied, you can be safe in the knowledge that the practitioner will practice with only one-time-use accessories meaning that there will be no risk of disease or infection. If a pre-procedure anaesthetic is required, the practitioner will use a sterilized needle will be assembled into the device before the procedure begins. Depending on what procedure is taking place, aftercare instructions are normally provided and some technicians provide products. Once the application of permanent make-up has been successfully completed, a follow up appointment will usually be scheduled for about four to eight weeks’ time – giving your lips time to settle. This is dependent on the age of the client in order to establish how the eyeliner procedure healed and if any further work is required. Permanent micropigmentation really is something that you should consider if you want to remove the hassle of daily lipstick and lip liner application.

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