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Are you fed up of constantly applying Makeup? Are you Fed up of constantly having to style your Eyes and Lips? Semi Permanent Makeup with Instant Results is for you!

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 Full brow mapping is included in the treatment

Micropigmentation is not only ideal for restoring your hairline, it is also a perfect solution to pale, thinning or absent eyebrows as a result of:

hair loss, including alopecia



natural fair hair

Well-formed and sympathetically coloured eyebrows help shape and balance the face, perfect for both men and women. Micropigmentation creates the impression of individual hair strokes, resulting in very natural looking brows.

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Pre-treatment care

Any waxing should be performed at least 48 hours before the treatment.

Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for two weeks prior to the treatment.

Eyebrow Treatment

Full brows including brow mapping 

Booking fee £50.00

Treatment price includeds 2 sessions


Eyebrow Colour Boost 

Colour Boost 

1 Treatment